What people are saying about their experience with Stage Door Studio…


“Erin is amazing. My 13 year old just started working with her and his progress has been remarkable!”

-Eileen Corbett, parent


“Erin is a great talent and teacher. She is responsive, knowledgeable and helped my daughter feel well prepared for an audition. We highly recommend her!”

-Kristin Swan, parent


“Lilys voice has grown so much with Erin’s instruction and she loves working with her!”

-Christine Iantosca, parent


I can’t say enough wonderful things about Stage Door Studio—such a high level of professionalism. I look forward to many more wonderful productions!

-Megan Ann Hughes McGraw, parent of private voice student


“We loved the Musical Theater Summer camp!! Nora looked forward to each day working with Erin and Nick and the great group of kids there. It was a wonderful experience!”

-Liz Gosnell, parent


“Erin is a great inspiration to Heather. She is so easy to work with and Heather really enjoys her.”

-Sandra Kelly, parent of private voice student


“We are looking forward to the next session!”

-Michelle Larnard, parent


“We had the pleasure of attending the first Cabaret performance by Stage Door Studio. The kids were fabulous and so talented. It was clear that they enjoyed every minute of it, as did we. My daughter has been taking voice lessons there for a year now and had progressed so much. Great job to all the kids and to Stage Door Studio!”

-Lauren Knapp, parent of private voice student


“Olivia’s lessons have been very beneficial. Improved her range and stage presence. Thank you for everything”

-Anne Vegnani, parent of private voice student